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For 20+ years, Florian has developed a broad and deep knowledge of digital space. He is passionate about tying all initiatives back to the strategic objectives which facilitate usable outcomes for the clients. Florian continues to be a Lecturer, Speaker and at times Co-chair various International events ranging from MIT’s International Society for Chief Data Officers to Blockchain Innovation, Big Data Monetisation, or Keynotes for the Cloud Forum. He has set up various CoE’s around DLT, for clients like Statoil.

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Adil Abbas

CEO Aladin

I like digging into customer problems and solve them with disruptive technology. I create, scale and customise product that matters. To achieve this I build team and quickly adapt to new insights. I have done many roles throughout my career in product marketing, sales and strategic planning that have taught me following about myself. My gut instinct is good but I seek data for my decisions. I can align, lead and grow team into world class. I love to win, but helping the team win gives me greater joy. I educate, refine and drive myself to be better every day. I am constantly learning because I never settle. I stay calm when opposed by adversity. I focus on making quality decisions.

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Abdul, as a qualified and certified Accountant, has had his practice for almost 10 years. Since moving into the technology industry in 2015, he has developed a keen eye in deploying technology to assist business processes being more efficient and customer focused. Abdul has developed multiple solutions such as Yourent, YeahSol and PracticePA to name a few.

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Software Architect specialized in the development of bespoke business applications like ERP, CRM and business process automation, I.T consultant and cloud computing evangelist.

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With a background in global business senior management, Oliver has extensive strategic and execution experience. He has managed large global teams both inside businesses (Sony PlayStation Worldwide Studios) and in advertising and global IT services providers (headed up Global Enterprise Digital Transformation at HPE). Oliver is based in Silicon Valley, California where he has advised and worked with dozens of large global enterprises and fast growing start-ups all over the world. Oliver, with journalistic and analytical credentials, has been a widely read digital and collaboration columnist whilst also being an active blogger online, notably on ZDNet, where he is a featured writer. He has also held multiple keynote speaking engagements worldwide.

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Advisor to Aladin

Steven is the founder of Blockchain Capital Services, a consulting firms that helps organizations navigate the emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors. Steven works as a private consultant, public speaker, analyst and advisor to a number of companies and projects. He has given talks on blockchain technology at events hosted by large American universities. Steven’s work has led him to doing everything from designing blockchain network architecture, working as an investment analyst, helping startups manage their cryptocurrency initiatives, and working as an advisor to blockchain projects.

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Thelma Dhlovu

PR Executive

Marketing Management graduate, author and award winning artist with a rich history in design, Thelma has strategic and execution experience. Managing successful campaigns (TV Commercial with Channel 5, Editorial and Adverts with OK! Magazine, S Magazine and Big City newspapers such as Daily Mirror, Express and Star). Experience includes event management, space planning, web design, social media, visual; merchandising and commercial fashion styling (Hugo Boss, Suitsupply & Moss Bros). Dhlovu is passionate about paving the way to a brighter future, viewing the world as a black canvas full of potential and the arts as a medium for change

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Rehan is a dynamic, results orientated Project Manager with over 5 years experience. He has managed complex projects across the EMEA and APAC region. Conducting presentations on communication and client management systems is one of his many passions. Client projects managed and delivered in excess of $20 million dollars through several industries such as digital, financial, marketing and technology.

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Aisling is an admitted Board Assistant/ Office Administrator with 8 years experience. She practices strong organisational, communication and client management skills, all which are vital in the running of any business. International experience is something Aisling has in abundance. She has worked in multiple industries in Ireland, Australia and the UK.

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Viren is an accomplished Financial Controller with over 40 years progressive team building and management experience. He has extensive knowledge of accounting software and processes. Viren has led a multitude of diverse teams through exceptional communication, multi-tasking, organisational and motivational skills.

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Aurora has 5 years experience as a Senior Graphic Designer, who expertly researches and develops emerging concepts and trends, whilst able to stretch the boundaries of design. Aurora is passionate and a visionary. She is able to consistently complete a variety of projects to the satisfaction of clients within tight timeframes and with efficient project management skills

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