Aladin Network was founded with the goal of changing the way we relate to and use the internet.

The internet is one of the modern era’s greatest invention and it has changed society in ways we previously could not imagine, however, more people are waking up to the ways that the internet has concentrated power in the hands of a few conglomerate corporations, eroding personal privacy, and taken away our rights.

Aladin is the network we have been wishing for. It provides a new way for everyone to use the internet and access the tools and applications they need. It does this while fundamentally ensuring that the internet remains decentralized, fair, and user controlled.

It has taken a series of innovations for a decentralized network such as Aladin to exist, but through combining decades of innovations with a deep understanding of what are the real problems we are facing, Aladin has been able to provide a solution that has solved the core limitations holding us all back.