Aladin Blockchain: Decentralised Internet for Finacially Rewarding Businesses and Community

Aladin is the first blockchain to truly bridge the gap between the modern internet and decentralized applications. A built-in fully transparent universal oracle, a blockchain browser for easy navigation, human readable addresses, decentralized storage, blockchain’s best DApp store, and the first protocol to natively reward developers for building the future of applications. Aladin, welcome to the new internet.

Aladin Oracle

Truly Decentralized

Aladin is the first blockchain to offer a built in oracle , deployed across the blockchain, that any developer can access to draw data from external data sources. The Aladin oracle sets Aladin apart from other blockchain, and makes it the easiest, simplest, and fastest blockchain for anyone to deploy a truly useful application on.

DApp Store

Aladin features a native DApp store where users can find the latest applications and developers can offer or sell their creations.

No Transaction Fees

No one wants to pay a fee to use an application, on Aladin developers can build applications without needing to charge any transaction fees.


Aladin is the first blockchain to offer part of the block reward to developers and provide an ever expanding SDK toolkit selection. Aladin also provides decentralized storage for users and applications to make new projects possible.


Aladin makes it easier than ever to deploy an application on the blockchain due to a a robust toolkit, human readable names, and a built in universal oracle that lets you access external data without all the work.


Aladin is an incentivized network that rewards all community members for their participation in the network. Earn revenue through voting or by developing an application

Aladin-One stop solution

Aladin is unique among blockchain ecosystems as it offers an unparalleled range of features. No other blockchain offers native decentralized storage, a universal oracle, human readable addresses, SDK tools, and a browser for easy navigation. Aladin brings all the tools that users and developers should have into one place.

Decentralised Storage

Aladin provides a decentralized storage solution so that users and applications can use as much data as they need. All data is authent

Smart Contract

Aladin features turing complete smart contracts and industry leading transaction speeds.

Aladin Wallet

Aladin provides human readable addresses to make using the Aladin Blockchain as easy as surfing the web.

An Economic Network

Aladin rewards users for staking and voting with their coins, rewards developers for creating applications and rewards nodes and witnesses for maintaining the network. No matter who you are, if you use the Aladin network you can earn rewards through a system designed for growth.